Book launch by Cia Rinne

I want to share with you my impression of cia rinne whom I saw the other day at her book launch at St. George’s Bookshop in Berlin:
She has a new book out which contains all her three collections up to now – “zaroum” (helsinki 2001), “notes for soloists” (stockholm 2009) and “L’usage du mot” (berlin, 2017) –
and she is performing very very well, as a stage artist, but in what way could this be part of an anthology of world poetry? as texts considered? in which language is she writing, multilingual as she is, writing and performing in both French, English and German?
[New edition: Kookbooks Poetry series nr 82-3]

I would be interested in what you feel about her poetry?

Please have a look a her video:

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